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BM Satellite Popcorn Maker, BM-123

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The BM Satellite BM 123 Popcorn Maker is an excellent machine that lets you prepare crunchy and tasty popcorn in minutes. With this popcorn maker, you can prepare up to two bowls at a time. Instead of using oil, this machine uses hot air to prepare the snack, thereby making it healthy. As it is compact in size and lightweight, it is easy to carry. Make your movie nights more special with this popcorn maker. It is energy efficient as it consumes only 1200W of electric current.



Popcorn made by hot air


Preparation Without oil


220-240 V


Easy to make



Easy to Prepare


The BM Satellite BM 123 Football Popcorn Maker is light in weight and bears a compact design. This machine can prepare up to two bowls in less than three minutes. The pop corn prepared by it is low fat and has lesser calories as it uses hot air as a substitute for oil to prepare the snack. However, for flavor, you can add butter using the 1/2 measuring cup. This cup also acts as a butter melter. All you have to do is put the required amount into the cup and see it melt during the preparation process. So invite your friends over and enjoy a thrilling soccer match with tasty, fluffy popcorn.

Simple and Convenient to Use


The BM Satellite BM 123 Football Popcorn Maker is low on maintenance and easy to clean. The lid is easy to remove and the interior as well as the machine's exterior surface can be wiped using a damp piece of cloth and soap.